Top 9 Tourists Attractions In Egypt

Top 9 Tourists Attractions In Egypt

Egypt is an ancient civilization with a rich history and culture that has attracted visitors from all over the world for centuries. It has some of the oldest and most impressive monuments in the world, as well as stunning natural beauty. From the famous pyramids to ancient ruins, bustling markets and endless sandy beaches, there is something for everyone in this diverse land. Here are nine top tourist attractions in Egypt that should not be missed:

1. The Pyramids of Giza: This is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and one of the most iconic monuments in all of Egypt. Located on the outskirts of Cairo near the town of Giza, it consists of three main pyramids – Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure – as well as two smaller pyramids. There are also several lesser-known tombs and temples around these three towering kings’ gravesites that can be explored.

2. Karnak Temple Complex: This sprawling temple complex dates back to Ancient Egyptian times and is located just outside Luxor. It was dedicated to Amun-Ra, god of sun, wind and fertility, making it one of the largest religious sanctuaries ever constructed by man. Walk among its columned halls decorated with hieroglyphics or take a felucca (traditional sailboat) across the Nile for an unforgettable experience.

3. Abdeen Palace Museum: This palace was built in 1874 by Khedive Ismail Pasha as his official residence during his reign over Egypt. Today, it houses a museum exhibiting some of its former inhabitants’ furniture and personal belongings from this period as well as paintings from 19th century Europe. Be sure to also take time to admire its grandeur architecture and how it blends European styles with traditional Islamic design elements.

4. Valley Of The Kings: Located across from Luxor on the West Bank side of the Nile River lies this UNESCO World Heritage Site which features 63 tombs carved into sandstone outcrops over centuries by many different pharaohs such as Tutankhamen, Ramses II and Merenptah among others who were buried here after their death so they would remain close to their homes in life below ground instead of above it like other ancient Egyptians did throughout history .

5. Islamic Cairo: This area contains some fascinating mosques including Sultan Hassan Mosque, Ibn Tulun Mosque and Al-Azhar Mosque – all renowned for their intricate designs inspired by Moorish culture mixed with local Islamic influences such as long slender minarets rising high up into sky above them like towers standing guard at night – giving Cairo’s skyline an otherworldly look reminiscent Arabian Nights tales full adventures waiting be uncovered every corner turn down narrow alleyways filled smells spices sea air blowing through city streets leading you onto next surprise awaiting you around bend!

6. White Desert National Park: Situated between Farafra Oasis and Bahariya Oasis lies this vast expanse known for its surreal white chalk formations shaped naturally over time due strong winds blowing sands away during past thousands years leaving behind these unique rock sculptures resembling icebergs frozen time! Visitors can explore vast stretches desert either foot or camelback admiring moonlike landscape around them before setting up camp under starry skies watch sunset turn twilight purple pink hues enchanting anyone brave enough venture out here into what feels like another world entirely!

7 . Hurghada: This resort city located along Red Sea coast famed its beautiful beaches excellent snorkeling scuba diving opportunities thanks plentiful coral reefs teeming colorful fish living there while hotels restaurants along waterfront offer perfect place relax get away hustle bustle larger cities like Cairo offering perfect balance sightseeing activity relaxation!

8 . Old Cairo : Also known Coptic Cairo because many buildings here were built by Coptic Christians old churches monasteries including Ben Ezra Synagogue where original scroll Torah found can found still today alongside historic gates Roman walls still standing proudly around city being witness throughout ages dramatic changes building itself experienced becoming symbol resilience remaining after hundreds years providing glimpse into distant past when Egypt’s rulers were Pharaohs gods ruled land!

9 . Siwa Oasis : Located very northwest corner country near Libyan border lies small but picturesque village know Siwa surrounded lush green palm trees fed freshwater springs coming deep beneath surface creating incredible contrast against desert backdrop changing shades yellow orange gold red sand dunes stretching far horizon making feel like stepping back time Middle Ages come alive front eyes – inviting visitors explore romantic age-old architecture enjoy fresh date falafel snack while taking leisurely stroll narrow alleys winding way through center town past little shops selling souvenirs handmade embroidery carpets made locals !

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