The COVID-19 Masking Mosaic!

The people on Planet Earth have been wearing masks for over two years, or have been forced to do this due to the COVID-19 pandemic that seems to be extremely reluctant to help usher in the much-anticipated demasking of Homo sapiens. There have been many levels of complaints or protests, or considered-hazards to wearing masks continually. In a way the citizens are showing signs of an acute mask-fatigue which is actually very unfair to even hint at in view of the pandemic-fatigue experienced by the tirelessly working medical fraternity-particularly during the peak periods like the disastrous Second Wave in India. But, the perspective of the people is not something to be dismissed for it is real; in some cases the mask-fatigue can lead to massive protests and uprisings either in the US or in certain European nations like Germany. Therefore, it becomes our duty to look into the reasons behind it while of course, keeping our mask-sincerity securely in place.

We’ve all been growing accustomed to people concealing themselves in the most distinctive ways: some have loosened it up a bit to ensure that the nose is open as if they’ve only now realized the importance of this organ so regards inhaling oxygen or exhaling nitrogen is concerned; certain people are still bolder and sporting it as necklaces that hang below their chins. Others are the more bolder keeping it in bags or pockets and wearing it the moment the law enforcement officials arrive similar to this type of behavior, other people do the same as they enter shopping malls, or similar places where the “no masks, no entry’ signboard is prominently displayed. The moment they step inside, they swiftly announce to sellers that they’re wearing masks, no issues (in reality, the majority of disguised shopkeepers and sellers should not just smile understandingly at them, but should be able to command, ‘If you have it, why not wear? ‘).

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The elderly population has not complained much since they recognize that they’re the most vulnerable chunk of the population to contract. However, getting the full required doses makes the elderly a little more assertive in complaining if not in not abandoning the masks entirely. Many of them cite doctors (we’re not sure if these were real or not) advising them not to wear masks when taking afternoon or evening walks because they could affect the breathing process. However, many older people like myself have not experienced any discomfort in taking the strolls with masks on. Thus, some don’t wear the masks at all and others show other ways of wearing such as keeping the nose out or using it as necklaces.

The younger male population happens to be the ultimate example of a group who wears masks with complete disdain after having been vaccinated. The basic desire to impress their more attractive counterparts is a major factor due to the fact that with their faces hidden they cannot in any way afford to display their attractive features as well as some other “enormous” activities or behaviours. Their ‘chivalrous’ and brave display is often seen on the streets, at the markets, in the playgrounds or parks and while riding the ‘brave-heart’ racing bikes, not just risking the lives of others of being harmed, and spreading the disease. They are referred to as the future of a nation but they fail to comprehend their obligation towards family members and the others in the community, whether inside or outside.

The young female community showed a lot of interest, in the early days of the pandemic age and in wearing masks. They were constantly searching for costumes that would match their dresses well or were actively engaged in the largest pandemic-related industry of mask-making. But, as in other instances, their passions got slowly and steadily replaced by mask-fatigue influenced by similar instincts of showing their beautiful faces with the full use of cosmetics, like lipstick which got tremendously impacted by the persistent pandemic. Therefore, they’ve stopped wearing the masks, not even adhering to the distinct ways of wearing them, since they would impact their beauty in different degrees and handicap them from creating the ideal impressions around.

There is a very crucial cause of fatigue in masks that is affecting every community mentioned as well as the extended summer due to global warming, which causes an accumulation of sweat within the masks. This makes it extremely uncomfortable to wear continuously. Why not take more than one mask with your, take it off when it becomes uncomfortable, wash your face clean with a handkerchief and wear the second mask to counter. There are tons of masks that are affordable in the marketplace. The sweat-factor, however, is present when you are out and about in a hurry and clogging the metro or trains trains, flights or the market or buses; like when during the Durga Puja festival , ‘eat-only devotees’ lined the entrances of the houseful restaurants within India. Indian city of Kolkata particularly waiting for hours in late at night, and of course, not paying attention to the masks due to the seamless sweating or the fact that they’d have to remove off the masks when they get inside to eat. There is an agreement on this subject that one should not consume food wearing masks.

The authorities, or the governments have been in the act of making the wearing of masks mandatory at all times and some even imposing penalties for infractions. Authorities also look out for patterns of behavior in masks and advise that you don’t wear the masks beneath your nose or like necklaces’. However, many of the people of Planet Earth feel that ‘enough is enough’ and the “unmasking process” should be introduced through hooks or crooks. For instance, in India and with Diwali celebration coming up, this mask-fatigue may be a negative thing and usher in another peak of the disease, and reverse the “unmasking” process completely. God forbid. States of India prohibit fireworks during the Diwali celebration, but permit “green crackers,” the ambiguity of their definition, which can lead to the usual air chaos and a flurry of ‘fire-power’ on display as was seen last year.

The last thing we need to do is make a statement that states that no generalizations are intended in this piece. In reality, a significant chunk of the population still follows the norms like wearing a mask in a very sincere manner, including people in all the communities mentioned here. The only concern is that in the rising number of the ‘unmasked Covidiots’ all over the world who place the norms-abiding population risk. In order to be serious at the conclusion it has been proven medically that vaccination jabs cannot ensure complete immunity from infections however they do minimize the seriousness of the disease and hospitalization; however, people who have multiple diseases and low immunity are still at threat, and uninformed youths risk their lives because they carry the virus and transmitting it to others.

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