How Can I Become An Innovative Person?

The word “innovation” is used frequently, and it’s fascinating sometimes what qualifies for innovation when this buzzword is used. People who are innovative and creative realize that their odds of success are better than those without these talents and attributes. This is perhaps the reason why so many people try to improve themselves. This is a great aspect of your resume. Most job descriptions include an expression like “Looking for an innovative self-starter.” Let’s discuss innovation and see how we can position ourselves as innovators.

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Innovation is Just Combining Observations and Solutions from Different Domains

Many people who’ve thought about this for a while realize that the most effective innovations in any industry are those that borrow ideas or concepts from other sectors or domains. A lot of the top innovators I’ve met say they have the majority of their original ideas from this process. If this is true then we don’t require any kind of innovation education. It’s just a matter of having more polymaths who have a wealth of knowledge in a variety of fields.

Unfortunately, that means all the ‘Innovation Gurus’ would be out of work and delivering a small number of seminars, because until their students had more experiences in different areas of life and work, the students wouldn’t be prepared to implement the method taught, or have the information to become a contender in the top levels of the most innovative.

Of course, the fearful aspect of this idea of recombination to create innovation means that it’s fairly simple to teach, and, if true, everyone is able to do it, so it’s not surprising that everyone is trying to specialize in this “innovation coach” generalist category today. Once one has the expertise and experience, and knows how to use information in one area in another it is possible to be an innovator, at least proficient at the most popular kind of innovation which is.

If you’ve ever played sports in the past, you could learn some of the tactics and strategies that you used to win. You can apply similar strategies in a business situation to better the quality of a product or service. Maybe you’ve served as an employee or volunteer for a short time in the summer months and realized that you could utilize the knowledge you gained from those experiences to aid the current business. Perhaps you own a kitchen utensil that can be used for working. You have the chance to invent. Make it a priority. Be aware of it early and often.

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