Selecting the Top Advertising Agency for Your Business

A lot of advertisers are searching for the most effective advertising agency for their brand. But what is the top agency in advertising? How do you determine and select the best advertising agency for the brand or organization?

The most obvious solution is that the most reputable agency is the one with the highest reputation in the field. What exactly does this mean? Does it mean that the company wins the most advertising awards? Or is it the one that has the most effective awards? Or , the one that wins many business?

The solution is that the ideal advertising agency for advertisers is determined by the criteria you decide to use. The choice of criteria will depend on the strategic needs the company or brand has for the agency. Visit:-

This may seem obvious however it’s a aspect that is often ignored in the rush to make a decision when selecting the agency that will act like a panacea to poorly executed marketing and advertising plans.

We have seen advertisers select an agency based upon industry image and reputation alone. While this may appear like it is a good start, it usually doesn’t produce the expected results because of a misalignment of the agency to the strategic goals of an advertiser.

The reason is evident when you examine how the industry defines the term “top” for an advertising agency in comparison to how you could define an agency that performs best against strategic needs.

If you are looking at how agencies build their reputations it is usually through the trade journals that cover the market place. The subjects that trade publications report on include: business successes and loss, new campaigns launched award-winning creatives, efficiency awards and senior appointments.

Of these topics of which the most valuable is the appointment of the highest-ranking officials as every other topic are typically based on the quality and the depth of the relationship between the agency and the advertiser.

The big mistake some advertisers make is selecting an advertising agency with an established reputation for producing exceptional work but then being disappointed when their partnership with that agency produces less than expected results. This is usually due to the advertiser and the way they engage with the agency.

Instead of selecting agencies by their reputation rather than based on their reputation, it is important to determine what qualities would be required by your organization or brand that would categorise advertising agency performance.

This goes beyond functional discriminators such as competence, capabilities, experience, size, resources and such. This also encompasses intangible factors like culture, belief, philosophy, trust and chemical.

Of course the industry will continue to identify the most effective advertising agency in accordance with the established criteria that make an interesting read in trade magazines. But it’s important that at best this will be a starting point for the choice of an agency, and it’s not the only thing to consider in choosing the most suitable agency.


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