Population Distribution or Structure – Age Distribution

Population distribution is the ways in which the population of a particular nation is divided into groups like the age, sex, occupation and geographic distribution.

Age distribution

This is the breakdown of the population of a nation into age groups. Economically, the distribution of age is vital as it illustrates the importance of the population as well as the quantity of labor required in different industries that make up the world economy. The total population of a country is divided into the following three groups of age. They are 0-17, 18-60 years and 60 years and over.

According to the above classification the population that falls within the age range 0-17 includes the infants, children and pupils in nursery secondary and primary institutions. This age group is termed dependent population since they are not economically productive, as they can’t be employed on the labor market. They’ll need to rely on other groups for their requirements. If the number of people in this age group is extremely high, it has lots of economic implications like putting more pressure on the working class, a lack of savings, schools and other children goods and services. Visit:- https://populer.co.id/

The age group of 18 to 60 is commonly referred to as the active population , also known as the working population or the labor force. this is the economic group of people who are engaged in work-related activities or jobs. since they are the workforce and rely on themselves for substance this is referred to as an independent population. If the population that belong to this group is substantial then there will be a greater availability of work and a better quality of life.

The age range of 60 years and over is considered to be the oldest age, just like the young children (0-17 years), they do not involve themselves in productive activities so they are classified as dependent. In general, the distribution of the age of a particular population could be grouped as follows:

Children aged 0-17 (dependent population)
18-60 is considered to be an adult (working population or the labor force)
60 years or older 60 years or more (dependent numbers).

Importance of the Age distribution of population

1. Tax determination: Using the information on the age distribution of people, the expected tax can be determined by the number of people in the working segment of the workforce.

2. Knowledge of dependent Number of dependents (0-17 years and 60 years and above) is readily determined by analyzing the distribution of age in the population.

3. Labor force size: With a good age distribution the amount of people employed can be easily determined.

4. The government’s budget is determined by The age structure of a populace will aid the government in draw up its budget. For instance, if the number of the youngsters (0-17 years) is extremely high, that means that the government needs to approve a large amount of money to provide items and services that are required by the children in this age bracket, more than different groups.

5. Production pattern: the pattern of age-related distribution in the society can help the manufacturer determine the pattern of production that will meet the requirements of the particular age segment.

6. It is the basis for the type of market: Understanding the structure of an age group in an individual will help identify the nature of the market, eg one with a high number of children can create an increased market for goods and services.

7. It is the determinant of birth and death rates the structure of a population will decide the rate of birth and death for instance, if the number of elderly people is higher than that of other groups, this means the death rate is likely to be higher.

8. It is the determinant of standard of living. demographics of an age-related population will reveal the income per capita as well as standard of living. As high dependency populations reduce income per capital and standard of living, an active populace or labour force raises income per capital and standard of living.


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