How to Advertise Blog With These 4 Blog

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional blogger or are just starting out and as long as you are in blogging business it is possible to, to a certain extend, know that posting comment on other blogs can have a great positive effect in marketing your blog. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make a comment on every blog you visit. Finding the right blog to comment on is a skill is something you can improve. Here are four methods to follow when commenting on another’s blog.

How popular is this blog?

If you are commenting on your blog, which only has a few visitors per day, you cannot think that a large amount of traffic will come to your blog. Because the number of visitors who reads the blog is not as high this could result in a smaller amount of people will read your post and visit your website. So, if you’re looking to promote your blog through commenting on other blogs, make sure to find those blogs that are equally or more popular that yours. It is possible to use the page rank of blogs as a way to figure out how important this blog page is.

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The blog is of the same passion to yours.

There’s no sense to post a comment on a blog that isn’t directly related with your site. While a direct connection is not essential, it is more preferred. If, for instance, you are running a blog that is talking about computer software You should not restrict your comments to other blogs, that are also talking about the same thing. Commenting on blogs that talk about programming language, which is used to write the software, or on other people’s experience on using that software is also an excellent place to begin to marketing your blog.

A tip on determines the content of a blog is to examine the blog description. If the author isn’t diligent enough in giving this kind of information, check out the blog of theirs and discover whether they’re using the exact keywords you are, by counting the number of times a specific keyword appeared.

Opportunity of Reciprocity

As you start your blog, what you focus on is the content of your blog. And then let other blogger to respond to your actions. No matter you are the first one to be contacted by another blogger, chances are that they would like you to leave a leave a comment on their blog since you have good content in your blog.

In reverse, try to trace the comment of your blog Find out what website another blogger has posted for your site. Then go to their website and check to see if they have any link exchange opportunities coming in.

Find blogs Targeting Similar Market

If you’re advertising your blog through posting comment, you are not restricted to posting comments on blogs with similar topics as yours. Through careful research and planning, you are able to bring in traffic by making comments on blogs that are attracting diverse target audiences.

For example, if you have a dance blog and you discover that there is food-related blog with an extremely high amount of numbers of readers, you could consider posting comment on it. It may appear that there is no connection between them. But both blogs target the same age category. Additionally, both blogs may even target on similar geographical areas!

If you can connect your target markets and you can possibly come across a lucrative link exchange opportunity. It’s also easy through commenting on their blog along with your blog’s URL added. Making this happen requires precision and careful planning. The main thing to remember is to identify what interests you and your blog partner share. It is possible to discover one by focusing on your target market.

Going back to the food blog and dance blog example, given their respective target markets are teenagers, the best way to make a blog comments is posting a message on dance blog on the best food choices for dancers who might take part in competitions. or posting a post on food blog about what benefits a dancer could gain from taking certain food.

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