Choosing a Different Destiny

When people find themselves complaining at work about mundane work, stress and traffic, the monotonous conversations, the noise of faxes and unsettling reminders of Memos Notices, emails, etc… Some people think, what if I could have a different approach to my life?

At simple sight, becoming Diving Instructors is a goal that is achievable. Amazing locations, fantastic places to visit, beautiful people that admire you, since at the end of it all, you are the man: You are your Diving Instructor!

The job of becoming Diving Instructor isn’t an easy task… Many people go ahead with what many call the career path and after finishing their first open water course or perhaps their advanced course they quickly discover that the underwater world is always mysterious and unpredictable …. . As with a Boeing 747 pilot… you require hours of experience and training to understand the hazards and the responsibilities and consequences of your work as Diving Instructor. Visit:-

The Diving Instructor not only receives all the attention and the free drinks in the local pub and the certificates when the time is up to receive Diving Certifications the instructor of Diving is accountable for other people’s lives, for their safety and responsible for creating his students as skilled as they can be to become “divers” in a 4 day timeframe.

You can be sure that it’s not an easy feat.

Diving isn’t like riding a bike that despite the terrain you know that when you keep riding, everything will be just ok. The Diving Experience is different based on the place you are in, your experiences, the time of the year, the depth, your equipment weather, the divers that you dive with and even your mood that day, are key factors during your dive.

Now, assume all of the above, plus the fact that you’re dealing with all this, along with a crowd of anxious students about to take a dive for the very first time.

As you can imagine , a lot of things could go wrong, but at the same time there are many situations that don’t go as planned.

Since the joy of seeing your students with the most gleaming smile of their lives following their very first diving experience is well worth all the sacrifice, hard work and many hours of patience!

This is why the profession of Diving Instructor is a serious decision that demands a sound choice when you are ready to find who will train you to become an instructor in the future.

In the same way that Luke Skywalker needed Yoda and their sidekicks to fight against the Empire and the Empire, you’ll require all the tools and advice that you can receive.

The PADI system (Professional Association for Diving Instructors) this section of YODAS or Diving gurus is named Course Directors. they have the responsibility of providing you all the education, tips and little secrets that can make your life easier to be an instructor. So, when you decide for a position as an instructor you should be aware how the course director is your biggest influence, and this is why you must spend the time to research and research the best Diving career option to choose.

After you become Divemaster and are looking to become a Diving Instructor you must complete the Instructor Development Course , also known as PADI IDC.

This PADI IDC is the most complicated course you’ve been through to date. It’s a continuous bombing of information regarding standards, safety students as well as the PADI system law, marketing , and sales. It’s true that you read the right stuff, you are also taught about non direct diving related topics like marketing, and sales strategy: because at the end of the day diving is a profession similar to any other! The best thing about the course itself, is that it’s a rigorous course that gives you the possibility of opening your eyes in a new way and to see the process of teaching diving as an “science” which requires how-to and the required experience.

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