Job interview skills

All information in the resume bag has legal meaning only. And it’s a mistake that many job applicants think that a demonstration of skills and experience only begins and ends with a resume. Job interview is always the most difficult “gate” for candidates. So, prove you are an excellent candidate with full skills!


  1. Organizational skills

This is an indispensable skill for any job. Employers always need people who are able to quickly handle a large volume of work. They are people who work scientifically.


Expressed how?


– Dress neatly and professionally


– Always have the necessary documents related to the job ready. It can be: pen, paper, resume and some business cards. Of course, depending on the position you are applying for, you may have appropriate preparation steps.


Before going to the interview, focus all the strategies. Preparing common interview questions will allow you to be confident and conduct the interview smoothly.

  1. Decision making skills

No boss wants to hire an employee who is slow, and the inertia is overwhelming. They need good employees, not a robot; they need people who can and do; people who never say the word “impossible”; who are able to solve any task and despite all difficulties.


The best representation of this skill is:


– Before going to the interview, prepare stories about your past jobs and decisions for each step to overcome those difficulties. Take them as an example to demonstrate your ability.


– Through the answers, show the employer your experience and insights.


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  1. Communication skills


If you haven’t actually interacted with many people, you will never have enough confidence when standing in front of a crowd. Because communication skills are synthesized from many different skills, it not only requires you to have a deep understanding, but also requires you to have flexibility in all situations and creativity in work. This explains why most employers need to hire candidates with good communication skills, especially public speaking skills.


How to demonstrate this skill well?


– Stand in front of a mirror and practice speaking, or answering interview questions. The purpose of this is to build confidence, and at the same time, so that you can check all your mistakes yourself.

– Practice interviewing with other people will be very effective. On the one hand, they can point you out the pros and cons in a straightforward manner. On the other hand, their criticism will help you calm down when you have to receive criticism from the interviewer.

– Stay calm and maintain eye contact at all times. By doing so, you will look more confident.

  1. Teamwork skills

The requirement of teamwork skills is to be able to listen to the opinions of others, work constructively, not hold back or rely on others.


Today, most companies need employees who can work both independently and as part of a team. Because bosses think they will not only do their jobs well, but also work effectively with the work of the team.


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