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I am able to say that I was at my peak at the age of mid-thirties. I was physically, mentally and emotionally at my peak and running on all cylinders.

It’s definitely been downhill and I’ve lost many lean muscle and brain cells. I haven’t lost weight though as muscle has been replaced by fat – lots of it.

In the past, it’s slipped on. I’ve added a pound here, one pound elsewhere, but unfortunately, I’ve not taken the necessary steps to remove it at once. Since the past 20 years, those pounds have changed into stones, so no prizes for guessing what my resolution for the New Year was.

I watched a show on television during the festive period which was probably cleverly scheduled to prevent people from eating too much during time during the holiday break. It focused on a poor man who was required to lose 30 stone , or else risk his life. The man was at the level where he could not leave his bed, and his whole life was spent within his four walls. Visit:-

He’d lost all self-esteem, as well as physically uncapable of anything without going exasperated. He’d been the butt of ridicule and jokes so decided to stay indoors. He ate to feel comfortable.

It appears that he’s not the only one. Obesity is widespread and the numbers of morbidly overweight people are on the rise. People frequently turn to food to fill in the gaps that is missing from their lives.

We all have some reason, and this guy had the most cruel father and a miserable childhood. He was forced to consume every food item on his plate, or suffer a beating. Even after the demise of his father, he continued to consume everything that was put in front of him. This spiraled into a vicious cycle. He began to feel depressed from the name-calling, being in poor health, not finding clothes to wear and to feel comfortable, food was what he indulged in. Thus, he got larger and more unhappy.

It doesn’t matter what size you are as long as you’re in good health and have self-confidence. This guy was not. Self-confidence is an amazing thing. When you feel good about your self, you’re in a great place and you’ll achieve many things.

In my 30s, I was elated, engaged, excited and focused. I want that feeling back to me, which is why I am not going for a “diet” but focus on four areas of my life – Exercise, Nutrition, Relaxation and Sleep.

I’ve been neglecting them in the last few days. My reason for this is that I’ve become extremely busy and this is the case. However, if my goal is to make the most of each day and live longer, I must address the issues that plague me. The excess weight can cause many health issues , and if have a high-fat diet, you could decrease your life expectancy by several years. Happily, I’m not in this category, however the 30 stone man needed to shed was not gained overnight. It creeps up gradually as I’ve observed and it’s time to reverse the trend. Therefore, my New Year’s resolution that I will not eat anything, just living a healthier life.

The key to nutrition is knowing what, when and how much I eat; fitness is exercising in a responsible manner and improving my recovery; and Relaxation and Sleep are the time of the day and at night when I switch of to rest and not only my body , but my brain as well.

Friends and family say I’m doing “too much”, but if I want to be more productive and utilize more energy, I need to be more efficient in maintaining it.


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