New Age Books – Many Include Good Advice

We’re often asked which spiritual and metaphysical books we recommend.

You’ll find some grains of wisdom, truth and plenty of encouragement (“You can do it!–ra-ra!”) You’ll find them in almost all metaphysical publications, particularly the top-selling ones. You would think that the majority of people buy them due to worthwhile content rather than the name of an author or extremely efficient public relations and marketing. At least we hope so.

After reading this article, you might not be a fan of us. If you follow our advice but you’ll eventually forgive us and be grateful to us for saving you so much time and money on your spiritual path. Visit:-

We would much rather generate positive good karma (how we are selfish!) instead of guiding you down a path of illusion just to make an easy buck.

We suggest books that deal with metaphysics in a clear way. These titles include personal karma and reincarnation. They also address fate, destiny, fate (same fate in our opinion) meditation, fate. A basic understanding of numerology, astrology, and other self-discovery tools can be very helpful, but knowing only a little of any esoteric science can do more harm than good unless you learn to depend more on your intuition.

Why are these topics crucial? There’s a reason they’re an integral component of all the major religions of non-Western origins and spiritual philosophies from around the world. Understanding the internal workings of sacred topics can help you make sense of your life as well as the world around.

Regarding astrology and numerology We recommend works (or modern-day more objective interpretations of those works) before the 1600s AD (with some exceptions). We appreciate some forms of personality analysis which employ modern psychological astrology or numerology. However, many modern methods are subjective and creative and thus ineffective.

No matter what titles you pick, beware if an author’s theories and messages reject personal fate and karma and fails to acknowledge that varying amounts of personal adversity is necessary to develop spiritually.

This is what you can imagine! The seemingly inevitable trials you’ve faced with regards to your health, finances, or those with your family, friends, or a boss, ultimately resulted in you being a much wiser person. You wouldn’t have thought that such experiences could make you grateful and serve you in the future.

Many of the most well-known authors in the New Age and spiritual arena do not discuss or even make mention of difficult spiritual truths like those that deal with the not-so-fun parts of your life, and the ones that relate to your spiritual checks and balances.

It could be that they’ve never studied the theories and lack an awareness of their significance. It’s also possible the case that fate or karma are in conflict with the main messages in the book, rendering their claims and steps to success completely invalid.

We personally believe we have a responsibility to our readers and clients to be candid about fate, karma, and other metaphysical concerns. Although we may lose some potential clients who don’t want to confront the issues, we believe that people will be better off long-term by being more transparent about these issues. We are often thanked for this in the future. We’re sharing the findings from more than 20 years of our empirical research without a predetermined agenda and without a strict marketing platform that disallows information that isn’t positive, encouraging or inspiring.

These are quotes from various, well-known metaphysical and spiritual authors and teachers, along with our comments to help you understand how, in our well researched opinions, they are in fact misleading the public.

“Life is supposed to be healthy for you. You can be, do, or have anything that you desire.”

It is possible to instantly live an effortless life of comfort and luxury by purchasing this book. This is pure fantasy and wishful thinking. It is impossible to achieve the ideal, and those who attempt to make it happen are either deluded or are trying to earn money off the people who believe in it.

“Did You Know You Have the Power to conquer all of life’s challenges?”

Every problem can be resolved if you change your perspective. This is because of the secret (New Age), spiritual recipe, also known as self-delusion and denial. Yes, how you perceive your life’s circumstances could make a difference however, it will not permit you to avoid the karma set in motion when you were born or avoid important, difficult life events that strengthen your soul.

“Inside there, you’ll find everything you need to get everything you want from your life.”

This book’s last page has one word bolded in font size 17: “Sucker!” In reality, there aren’t quick fixes to life’s challenges as many realize (or will realize, as time passes).

“… can help you achieve your goals and live the life you’ve always wanted to. …It’s your right to live a life that is filled with all that is wonderfuland this book will show you how to do it all the way!”

We’ve said it numerous times in our earlier articles, we’ve discovered through extensive study that every person’s birthrights are distinct, and no person has any right to anything they did not earn in an karmic sense. The belief is that everything is good. If it weren’t for “bad” there is no “good.”

Half of us expect to read New Age books soon promising to “Overcome the Need to Defecate” or “It’s your Birthright to Feel Full of Energy without Ever Sleeping Again!”

“The world of infinite possibilities awaits you”

It’s not true. You are waiting to see what your soul intended for you prior to the time you born. This could cause conflict with your ego self or your personality.

“… Lets you control your emotions and reach your destiny.

In order to achieve your goals, “balancing your emotions” isn’t enough. It’s like smiling insincerely with the intention of finding true fulfillment. Your destiny isn’t something you can achieve, it’s not “the life you’ve always wanted” involving all the trappings of material and romantic achievement, and it’s only sometimes what you consciously choose. Your soul is the one who decides what you will be rather than your conscious mind.

Ironic, but the author of this book uses destiny in its title. He doesn’t seem to understand its meaning. The eternal meaning that has been linked to it since the earliest times, when people were able to predict their future is what makes it ironic!

“…Helps you connect with the endless and unabated flow of wealth. When you tap into that flow, you are able to sustain and increase it over time… You deserve to lead a life that is full of confidence, freedom and flow.”

How can you build your wealth over time? In our ebook Direct Your Destiny, we teach you how to get the most of your life. We believe that you have the choice of choosing your goals that you have set for yourself and those that fall within your karmic and fated plans. But, none of the New Age or spiritual authors, to our knowledge, have either directly or indirectly helped to produce any billionaires. However, today there certainly are millions of millionaire snake oil salespeople, or ah, we mean New Age inspirational authors. There are personal limits to life, and it’s impossible to reach any particular goal until it is your destiny to achieve it. You’ll be shocked if you haven’t done the most thorough research possible on this subject. It’s impossible not to notice the fascinating relationships between past life regression and personal fate. This can be helped by an expertly developed intuition and extensive charts of numerology and astrology.

“Life is magical. It doesn’t have to be difficult. You can experience a bright universe. Your life may be as you imagine.”

It is true that life can be magical in the sense that if you’re able to think with a big imagination, you are able to imagine whatever you like. Imagineering is a powerful technique which can help you bridge the gap between reality and imagination. But, dreams will never become reality if they are not part of your destined course. The great thing is that if you’re centered and grounded (regular meditation can help), you will naturally tend to draw your focus towards goals and dreams that are meant for you.

“One’s positive thoughts are powerful magnets that draw wealth, health and happiness.”

This is extracted from one of the best-selling metaphysical works published in the last few years. We’ve discussed it in prior posts.

It’s sad that this simple spiritual view in spite of denying the existence of other spiritual laws that conflict it implies that those who are affected by natural disasters, or die in plane crashes, like would have been depressed in positive thinking that day.

These authors are selling their souls to Satan to make a quick profit. Most of them likely mean well (we hope! But be aware of important life-altering statements. It is possible to fall for it if it appears too good to be actually be true.

We all enjoy the idea of inspiration. But if it’s not grounded in truth spiritually, it won’t be beneficial to you in the long run. Do you understand why the New Age has a bad reputation.

Commercially-corrupted versions of spirituality are hot sellers because the packaging is captivating, the marketing is powerful, instantaneous credibility is given to almost anyone who appears in mainstream media, a sheep-herd mentality exists, and people have always looked for immediate gratification and quick fixes.

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