How a Woman Can “FUSS” Her Way to a Better Christian Marriage

As Christians, we often talk and sing about God who can do anything. But when it comes to a successful marriage, we act as if God had taken a vacation, letting us do the dirty job of maintaining and recovering our marriage. The God who created the marriage is passionate about making your Christian marriage a success. However, Christian marriages across the country end with more than 30% divorce. Why?
A good marriage requires two people who promise to keep it, but as a Christian woman, you have the power to add whatever your marriage lacks. This secret ingredient is called “FUSS”.

Before moving on, I would probably say to myself: “I’m always complaining, but it doesn’t take me anywhere. When I mention the word” FUSS, “I see your husband crawling back into the shell of his saying. It does not mean annoying commotion that can refuse to open his heart to you. We are talking about “FUSS,” which is an acronym for “Let’s fight until we find a solution!” I would like to give a clear definition of “FUSS” and show how this concept can be applied to Christian marriage.

But first, let’s see how a Christian marriage is compared to other marriages, and how your Christian marriage can be stronger than any other marriage on the planet.
Christianity is not a religion, but a religious relationship that leads to an unconditional love lifestyle. However, when comparing the Christian lifestyle with other religions, there are differences in values. For example, some religions believe in polygamy or more wives (or husbands), but Christianity considers marriage to be a male-female relationship (Titus 1: 6).
Moreover, Christian faith is defined by God’s unconditional love for humanity, and as a result, God’s people must consistently express their love for God and others. This understanding of love applies especially to marital relationships. Christian love is expressed in 1 Corinthians 13 and is enduring and transcendental love, although other religions may focus on other areas of marriage. When properly applied, this love can mask disagreements, anger, difficult times, and disappointments that could disband a marriage. God wants to bless you and your marriage. Therefore, God provides you with the grace and resources you need to prosper your marriage. Here are some resources you can start using today: Visit:-

•prayer. • Famous Christian Marriage Forum. • Read a book about Christian marriage.
As a Christian woman, prayer should be your first weapon to protect your marriage. You are just talking to God. You can talk to God about everything and you don’t have to worry about your case being told by others. When I pray, I use my marriage diary to write a letter of love to God. I talk about my husband, my fears and my goals. But I also try to give God time to talk to me. In many cases it is very easy to talk to God and talk to him about our problems, but it can be difficult to get God’s answer in a few minutes.

Take the time to listen to Heavenly Father today. It can speak to your mind, through others, through sermons, or through something you read.
The Christian Marriage Forum also offers a great opportunity to see discussions related to some of the marriage issues you are facing. These forums allow women to express their feelings, feelings and concerns about their problems, but be aware of what they share in these discussion forums. You should also pay close attention to the responses you receive through these forums, as you do not know who is responding to your questions or comments.

That said, the trusted Christian forum I recommend is Focus on the Family.
Another source of great help for marriage is reading a book about Christian marriage. The book is written on topics such as:

• Marriage communication
• Sex and marriage
• How to work properly in remarriage
• Dealing with stepchildren in marriage
• And many more.
The books I recommend include:

• The marriage that Gary Chapman wanted
• Shannon Esridge’s sexually safe wife
• Women only by Shaunti Feldhahn
• Five languages ​​that convey love by Gary Chapman

These are just a few examples, but reading Christian books gives you a more realistic and intimate perspective on recognized professionals who know they have been married for quite some time. Now let’s see how to “FUSS” a better Christian marriage.

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